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Wyssen Avalanche Control Systems - Zermatt tour


Wyssen Avalanche Control Systems - Zermatt tour

brian gould

In October 2013, Cam Campbell and Brian Gould of Alpine Solutions were invited to Switzerland by Wyssen Avalanche Control Systems AG to view their installed systems that protect highways, railways, and ski areas in the Zermatt area.  The tour included an assembly magazine visit, helicopter surveys of sites in rough terrain, and stops at ground locations to view and discuss geotechnical aspects of installing these systems. The tour ended in a classic ride down the Gornergrat rack railway back to Zermatt, followed by a presentation by Bruno Jelk (Chief of Zermatt avalanche control), and a fine Swiss dinner.

The Wyssen Tower has recently been approved for use in Canada, and it shows much promise as a safe and reliable system for 24/7 avalanche control.