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New Wyssen Towers to protect railway from avalanches


New Wyssen Towers to protect railway from avalanches

brian gould

We just finished installing five new Wyssen Towers in Glacier National Park in collaboration with Wyssen Avalanche Control and Axis Mountain Technical. These Remote Avalanche Control Systems (RACS) are loaded with 12 charges of up to five kilograms each at the start of each winter, and can be deployed remotely at any time throughout the winter. This particular RACS is relatively new to North America and quickly gaining traction with advantages such as relatively small footprint, large effective blast radius, and a flyable deployment box that allows for charge assembly and loading in a comfortable controlled environment.

Although, the Cutbank avalanche paths, where these new RACS systems are installed, only affect the railroad and do not affect the Trans-Canada Highway, they will greatly reduce highway closure time. This is because, the Parks Canada Avalanche Control Service controlled these paths for CP Rail using Howitzer rounds fired from the highway, requiring road closures during control. Alpine Solutions assisted with the layout and provided on-site project management throughout the construction phase.

Wyssen tower news shot 2.jpg