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Winter Survival

Winter Survival

Many resource based companies have field crews working in remote back-country locations, far away from provincial rescue services. Although proper planning normally focuses on getting crews back to base at the end of day, unforeseen circumstances can arise. When the unexpected occurs, survival may depend on having the knowledge and skills to be able to manage being stranded over night with limited supplies.

Alpine Solutions has developed a practical back-country winter survival course focused on the essential skills and knowledge required for working in remote, winter environments. This 1 day course is divided between an indoor theory (classroom) session, and outdoor session, and includes the following topics:

  • The Elements of Survival
  • Survival Psychology and Physiology (including in-depth hypothermia training)
  • Clothing & Sleeping Bag Considerations
  • Fire Lighting
  • Shelter Building (snow shelters, emergency tarps)
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Survival Equipment and Packs

Custom courses can be arranged including an overnight survival simulation that is monitored by a first aid/medical adviser.

Please contact Alpine Solutions for more information.